Waterproof LED Dog Collar

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It's never been easier to keep your dog safe, especially when he runs off on his adventures! No
longer do you have to worry about losing sight of him at night time or in inclement weather.
Small enough for the little guy but tough enough for a big dog, our Adjustable LED Glow Light
Pet Collar comes in plenty of colors to coordinate with any outfit.
And this isn't just a fashion statement! These bright and bold colors will allow motorists and
cyclists the opportunity to see them whether they're out at night or during an early morning
run. Don't let lost dogs be any more common than they already are - get one now!


Bold Colors - Allow you and others to see your pup at night or in bad weather conditions
Bright Lights - Make him easy to see from a distance
Cute Dog Pattern - Adds style to the collar


USB Rechargeable 
Comes in 6 colors
Available in sizes S, M and L