Trendy Cat Hammock

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A lot of people think that cats can't be trained, but they're wrong. Cats might be the smartest
animal in all of history and you know it. That's why this hanging cat hammock is here - to put a
space for your kitty so he doesn't scratch up your furniture.
The top will never pill thanks to soft fleece material because we know how important comfort is
for our fur babies! On the flip side, it's not just any old boring fabric with silly patterns - this has
trendy animal prints perfect for an animal lover like yourself who might like to refresh your
home decor. Trust us when we say your feline friends will love them as much as you do!


Comes in stylish animal prints on bottom side (tiger stripes, zebra stripes, spots, leopard grain)
Flip side is made of fleece material
Hook Fasteners - for quick and easy hanging


Available in sizes S, M and L
Measurements (W x L):
S - 27cm x 27cm
M - 35cm x 35cm
L - 35cm x 53cm