Cute & Trendy Cat Litter Shovel

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The Cute & Trendy Cat Litter Shovel is a great way to make skirting the litter box less
disgusting. With its cool, fun design and its slotted design that filters out the good stuff while
capturing the smelly poop, this shovel is perfect for pet owners who want to keep their home
as clean as possible without sacrificing style.


Cute Graphics - printed on the head and tail
Horizontal Scoop Slots - wide enough to filter out most litter brands
Vertical Scoop Slots - Allow you to filter out the litter when you tilt the shovel back
Hanger Hole - Located on the top of the tail, allow you to hang the scoop in between cleanings


Comes in 3 fun colors, or choose one random color
Made of durable plastic
Printed graphics