Cat Bed with Dangling Toys

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We all know how cats sleep - curled up, right? Well this new cat bed design has an open cage
so you can give your kitty that snuggly sensation they crave. Simply pop in the cushion and let
them do what they want! Plus if they get bored there's four dangling ball toys to keep their
attention. Not only does the pastel pattern keep them stylish but it also provides visibility at
night for when he wants to play with his new toy. It really is purrfection!


Dual Purpose Design - Pull the cushion out of the open frame to give the cat room for batting
and swiping or place it inside the frame so kittens can reach.

Snuggly Cushion - Perfect for keeping warm on cold nights


Comes in multi pastel
Available in S, M and L
Includes 4 hanging ball toys