Rainbow Shade Pet Glasses

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Pets love the outdoors and activities like hiking, biking, or playing fetch. Whether you're looking
for something durable or a more colorful accessory that makes them look as good as they feel,
these pet glasses will help your pup see his way to adventures yet unexplored!
Made of flexible material with dark lenses and rainbow stripes, these shades fit comfortably
and keep glare away from sensitive eyes. The head strap adjusts so the glasses stay on no
matter what your furry friend does--and looks equally awesome whether frolicking by the
lakeside or scaling mountainsides (or just snuggled up in a cozy bed).


Adjustable headband keeps the glasses secure.
Dark lenses with rainbow stripes add a trendy style
Colorful frames enhance the rainbow look


Fits most dogs
Comes in 6 colors
Plastic frames and lenses