Automatic Drinking Bathtub Fountain

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Does your kitty enjoy entertaining himself with anything he can find? Then the Automatic
Drinking Bathtub Fountain is for you. This adorable, claw foot bathtub fountain will tempt even
the most finicky of felines into play.
You will love this faucet because it's both functional and a great way to add personality to your
home decor. The water flow is fine enough that some cats might even use it as a shower! It
also collects water in addition to pumping out fresh lake just for thirsty cats like yours.


Vintage style will add personality to your home

Compact size is perfect for small kitchens
Use shower head to rinse loose cat hair off the tub rim and basin
Suitable for cats, kittens and small dogs


Comes in white, with shiny gold accents on the faucet
Claw foot tub style
Measures 18cm (from tub bottom to shower head)