Bright Floral Automatic Cat Water Fountain

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As any cat owner knows, the joy of watching your little kitty drink from a water fountain is
impossible to not get excited about! Check out the newest trend in indoor pet supplies by
wasting no time with your brand new Bright Floral Cat Water Fountain.
In just minutes you can connect to fresh and electric water supply, add clean tap water and
watch as your furry friend enjoys crisp springtime water all day long! Not only does this
automatic cat drinking fountain keep them hydrated but also helps eliminate potential bacteria
growth when drips accumulate. Plus there's a flower pot that lifts up to dispense crystal clear
cool refreshing liquid while protecting floors with its matching mat.


Compact Design - perfect for small kitchens
Easy to Assemble - filter, filter mechanism and power cord included.
Easy to clean
Filter removes impurities so that your cat can enjoy a healthy drink
Matching Mat - protects the floor


Comes in orange, green or blue
Green option comes with or without mat
2.4L fill capacity
2 filters included