3-Step Detachable Pet Climbing Ladder

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Say goodbye to the bungee cord or towel that you use to cradle your pet so they could climb
up onto a chair. Let our 3-step and lightweight detachable pet climbing ladder lift them on their
way. Perfect for older, arthritic pets with no jump or stride left! Reach new heights by gently
lifting your little friend and get back what time has stolen off of us all: quality bonding moments
spent with our pets.


3-Step Design - Allows pets to climb up onto a chair, the sofa or deck.
Easy to Use - Simply attach the top of the pet ladder to any sturdy surface and your pet can
now easily climb up or down from their favorite seat!
Adjustable height - Top step detaches to adjust to your specific needs.


Comes in 12 colors
Foam interior
Top step unzips from base